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Is Your Focus On The Money Or Customers?

Is your focus on building your business on the Money or on Customers.

If your are just focused on money you will probably not build a solid business. So many times people join a network marketing company and think that they should focus on how much money they can make, when they should be focused on getting customers. Customers are the life blood of your business and without them you have no business. 

Network marketing companies tell their distributors to focus on bringing in more distributors and that will grow their business. This is so far from the truth. Having more distributors than customers is like having a business with more salespeople than customers. If you keep hiring salespeople you will soon be out of business, because you will have no lasting revenue. 

Customers are the real revenue generator, but in most network marketing companies the revenue stream from them is less than what you get paid when bringing in a new distributor. Everyone knows that the money paid by new distributors pays the upline and the company, so that's why they go after distributors instead of customers. 

When the FTC [Federal Trade Commission] looks at a network marketing company they want to see more customers than distributors otherwise they might deem it a pyramid scheme.

All companies should be customer centric instead of distributor centric. What this means is that the revenue must be driven by activating new customers, with the acquisition of getting new distributors being to expand the customer base. There are many network marketing companies that charge very little or nothing to become a distributor, but pays on each distributor getting new customers. 

JAQX Smart Home Automation is just that type of company. It's free to become a distributor, and the real money is made when a customer is activated. This is a customer centric network marketing business. When the main focus is on getting customers, and not the money, you will build a lasting business. 

Recently a company named Vemma was investigated by the FTC and was found to have 70% distributors and only 30% customers. This was out of balance and was closed. As of this writing I am not sure if they are back in business or not but the upshot of the closure should send chills throughout the network marketing industry to clean up their act and focus more on customers. 

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