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Network Marketing’s Dirty Little Secret!

One of the network marketing dirty little secrets, that KEO Smart Home Automation solves, is why the majority of the people who join the business don't make any money.

The reason is simple and I have been screaming about this for years, but just recently it has grabbed attention through recent actions by the FTC [Federal Trade Commission].

The simple reason is that the network marketing industry is distributor centric and not customer centric. The FTC recently closed down a company called Vemma because they had more distributors than customers and were making outlandish financial claims. Financial claims are made all the time, but the main focus in my opinion is the fact that it didn't have a large customer base Vs. distributor base. It was the other way around, more distributors than customers.

When the focus is mainly on getting distributors the revenue stream is compromised.

Here is why!

Lets look at it in a much more simpler way. If you were building a business and had your hard earned money invested in it you would want to sell as much of your product as possible. Lets call your product widgets! So you want to sell widgets to as many customers as possible. You will go out and get referrals or maybe get a hand full of sales people to help you find customers. You will pay your sales people to get customers but if your sales people go out and get more sales people then your revenue stream dries up. 

The life blood of any business is customers, and with out a strong customer base the business will bankrupt it self. 

So how does this relate to network marketing?

When companies put more emphasis on getting distributors than customers they have to charge the distributors money to join the business because the business will not support the financial drain. When distributors pay to join they don't always buy the product long term. They many times get discouraged for various reasons and quit, not being able to recover their money. 

If a distributor wants to make a lot of money they must have a large customer base. As they gather their customers the customers stick around because of long term loyalty. As you gather your customers some of your long term loyal customers will want to become distributors, and then you have a loyal distributor that will be always be a customer. Some customers will want to become distributors, but not all distributors will be loyal customers.

Most network marketing companies pay less for getting customers, but you will end up making more money because the revenue stream will build over time. Customers stick around longer than distriburtors when they love the product. 

The dirty little secret is that when you work in a distributor centric company the company will do ok financially, but the distributor will never get ahead of the financial curve because they will lose the distributors as fast as they bring them in. The life span of the average distributor is probably 6 months to a year, if that long. So unless you bring in a ton of distributors you will not stay ahead of that drop off curve. 

Focusing on getting customers is much easier because they don't have to shell out a lot of money to use the product, and they have no pressure to use the product, so they use it because they want to. Since there is no pressure the customer maybe a full time customer, part time customer, or a sporadic customer, in either case there is a sale at some point. Now, I know some customers will leave or stop using the product or service, but that attrition rate is less than distributors. 

In Conclusion:

You are going to see more companies moving to a customer centric model because they find that building a strong customer base is more lucrative. Companies will move to a distributor system that cost very little or nothing to join with every one only paid when they activate customers. So even though there is a distributor involved there is no money made or very little when you hire them. Everyone gets paid on customers only.

When this happens everyone makes money, but as I said before if you are with a distributor focused company now, you can personally turn it around and focus on getting more customers than distributors. Just hope the financial strength of the company is good. 

KEO Smart Home and Business Automation has broken the mold and is running a customer centric model with huge success. 

If you want to learn more about a true customer centric network marketing model click here and request the information. 

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Ida Mae Boyd, Market Hive Alpha Founder

JAQX, by Starktech 360 Is The Worlds First Network Marketing "Smart Home" Automation Company

Just announced last week by StarkTech 360, JAQX Smart Home and Business Automation with Security launched into the world of Network Marketing. This is a bold move on Starktech 360's part since the network marketing business space has been historically centered around pills, juices, greeting cards, anti-aging or other similar products that have dominated the health and wellness marketplace. 

Never before has a network marketing company embraced the technology market until now. JAQX Smart Home and Business Automation with Security is breaking new ground not only with in the network marketing business space, but they are breaking the mold with a new network marketing business model, call Customer Centricity. 

What is Smart Home Automation? It's the ability to control your home or business, relative to any function you choose, from anywhere in the world using your smart phone or a tablet. This amazing technology is emerging and will dominate the technology industry in the coming years. JAQX has taken a bold step in entering this market place that was mainly controlled by local and national security companies. The local security companies are running into problems since they are wired and not wireless and almost all consumers want no wires and portability. 

Let's talk about the products then the compensation plan.

  • The products are state of the art using the highest quality and innovative products in the marketplace. Each product has a 4 year warranty and 5 year life span on batteries. 
  • The products are totally wireless and require no wires to be run, ever. 
  • Everything can be run from your Smartphone or Tablet, from anywhere in the World.
  • There is no contract except if you buy up in the package, but anyone can try it on a month to month agreement then add more equipment anytime at no cost except for the equipment. Many companies trying to enter this market place will charge a service charge to add more equipment. 
  • System is totally portable.

Customer Centricity:

  • Customer Centricity is when the network marketing company places the main emphasis on the Customer and not the Distributor. The JAQX model is totally customer centric. 
  • When a distributor signs up another distributor their is no cost to be a distributor, and no major money made. The profit is in the activation of customers. Unlike other network marketing companies where the major money is made on bringing in distributors, this is the opposite, the money is made in bringing in and activating customers. 
  • JAQX takes the sting out of becoming a distributor since there is no cost, except $19.95 to support their back office so they can track their commission and customers. So if a distributor signs up and later doesn't like the product or company they are not out a large sum of money.
  • This model is proven and in the past people have made huge sums of money working it, where the distributor centric model is known for having distributors work hard and not make money. This has always been an historic problem and will continue to be as long as the focus is on the distributor and not the customer. 

If you want to learn more about this amazing new innovative network marketing company just call for information. 

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Ida Mae Boyd, Market Hive Alpha Founder

Starktech 360 Launches JAQX the World’s First “Smart Home” Network Marketing Company

This was an article written by Ted Nuyten in the Current issue Business From Home about our Company KEO Smart Home Automation. It has generated an incrediable amount of interest so I thought it might be an article that you could share with your social media. 

"Starktech 360, headquartered in Middlebury, Connecticut, USA was founded in 2015 with a vison of setting a new standard in the network marketing profession in a brand new category. The company started its soft-launch phase in October of 2015, and is setting its sights on a major launch event in Connecticut this winter.

Allowing you to control your entire home or small business from a single app on your smartphone, Starktech 360 has created a smarter and more affordable home automation and security solution called JAQX.

After an 18-year career that saw him climb to the top rank in three different network marketing companies, Tommy Wyatt was approached with the idea of starting a new one.

Wyatt, also known for his national best-selling book, “Appreciation Marketing,” insists on a culture built on honesty and integrity. “That’s what I’ve always stood for, and its non-negotiable,” he said. “When I was introduced to this profession in 1998, I internalized the idea that the average person could win with a part-time effort and that those willing to work hard could earn a lucrative full-time living in 3-5 years. My goal is to see that promise fulfilled.”

“At first I wasn’t interested at all,” said Wyatt, “but when I thought about the ability to create the comp plan, create the marketing plan, and most-importantly create the culture, I just couldn’t sleep. And when presented with a chance to do it in a booming industry that hadn’t yet met network marketing, it really made sense. I was all-in.”

That industry, “smart home automation” has been controlled, to this point, primarily by security companies like ADT and Vivint with the wireless and cable companies right on their heels, but still only one-in-one hundred homes in the US, is a smart home. “We realized that network marketing was the answer,” Wyatt explains. 

“New technology is intimidating and perceived as expensive. But when your friend or family member shows you how to run your entire house from a single app on your phone, and shows you how affordable it can be, the cool-factor takes over and intimidation is gone.”

“Being on the corporate side offers me a lot of new challenges I wasn’t expecting,” Wyatt concludes. “But there’s a thrill about waking up every day and realizing that we’re on the front end of a coming trend and, most importantly, we’re first!”

About JAQX

JAQX, headquartered in Middlebury, Connecticut, was founded in 2015 with a vison of setting a new standard in the network marketing profession in a brand new category. Allowing you to control your entire home or small business from a single app on your smartphone, JAQX has created a smarter and more affordable home automation and security solution. 

With a simple solution which includes intelligent automation, video monitoring, and professionally monitored security, JAQX is rapidly becoming one of the fastest-growing smart home companies in the United States. 

* Business From Home, by Ted Nuyten, December 18, 2015

Dr. Raymond Jewell
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Ida Mae Boyd, Market Hive Alpha Founder

Is Smart Home Automation Confusing?

Is smart home automation confusing to you?

Many times when people think smart home automation they think about a big company coming into their home and running wires all over the place and punching holes in the walls, ugh!

This is no longer the case. You can go into Lowes, or Home Depot and purchase a system and set it up yourself. You don't have to call Xfinity Home or Att to get them to install a system that will cost you a fortune, the DIY [Do It yourself] space has solved this by inventing home automation systems that are easy to install and can be done in minutes. 

The smart home automation price has come down considerably but their are still problems that exist with many companies.

If you want to run the systems from your phone you will have to get individual apps to run each single device. This creates what is called app fatigue, where you have to pull up many individual apps to run your devices. Another problem is that if you want to add devices you will have to pay more money and get more apps to run them. Many times each device comes with its own hub that runs their device so you end up with multiple hubs all over your home.

Enter JAQX Smart Home Automation

KEO Smart Home Automation has solved this problem. You can add devices when ever you want to, at no cost. You can purchase the additional devices from anywhere you wish and install them as long as they are Zwave compatible. You don't have to purchase them from KEO and the monthly rate does not go up. 

KEO has also developed one app for running all the devices and as you add devices you can add them to your single app on your phone or tablet. It looks like KEO has changed the game in Smart Home Automation for the DIY installation home market. To learn more just click here or any other links in the article and you will be directed to a website and a phone number to call to get more information. 

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Ida Mae Boyd, Market Hive Alpha Founder