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See You At The Top

See you at the top of what?

We hear it said by people in Network Marketing all the time, "See you at the top!" Top of what? A mountain, a building, life, what? We all know what they mean but does it ever happen? Are they hollow words?

How many network marketing companies have you joined looking for the big hit? I am sure you have heard this before but I'll say it again, the big hit formula has to be in place for you to get the big hit? Only when you find a company that you like and can talk to others about will you rise to the top in the company. Passion is one of the ingredients that motivates anyone to become great, thus when they have passion they will move mountains to get to the goal.  Formula: Passion + Feelings + Emotions = Big Hit

So, you are probably asking "How do I find a company that I have passion for?" It's easy! We as human beings are driven by feelings and emotions and when things feel right we become emotionally invested. In looking for a company we need to find one that emotionally charges us up, and we have good feelings. 

It's like falling in love with your significant other. Are you in love, or in love with being in love? Are you in your network marketing company because someone else presented it to you and you fell in love with it because someone else was in love with it, or are you in love with it because it turns you on all the time?

I recently found a new company that totally turned me on and I fell in love with it. To top it off, when I told my wife about it she fell in love with it, [My wife has never liked any network marketing company I have ever been with, she just tolerates them. But she loves to cash the checks they generate.] This new company has me excited all the time, and its easy to talk to others about. 

When you look for a company that will be your guide to riches, you want one that you can easily talk to others about. If you find any hesitation about presenting your product you are in love with being in love, and not in love with the company. It's like a movie you have recently seen that you like, how easy is it to recommend to others? But if you don't like the movie you will not recommend it or never mention it. 

How do you know when you find the right company? Well as I said it's, emotion and feelings, that will be an indicator. But here is another way to tell. It's like the new company I was telling you about, I kept looking at the company and saying to myself,"There is no way that this pay plan can be so lucrative." "How long can this company be around paying out so much money?" And so it goes, I kept asking all these silly questions trying to kill the opportunity. I was getting in my own way!

Finally, It dawned on me, I was trying to remove a path to get to the top. I was doing what many people do, getting in my own way, and finding reasons why my high emotional levels we false. It's like a love affair with one foot out the door. I was looking for a reason why it was not going to work, and as long as that goes on it will never work.

Finally, I just said, "If the the worse happens, Oh well!" So I joined and am having a ball! It's just fun!

Ariving at the top only happens when the top is in sight, when you can actually see the path. Remember, we do things based on feeling and emotions and when we are emotionally charged up about what we do we will soon have the vision and image of how to get to the top. Vision is what you are able to see in your minds eye. You know that you are on the path and will not waiver from it. This article is written through a program that was developed by a friend of mine, and when he got the vision for Markethive he never wavered until it came to reality. He could see it in his minds eye.

So when people say, "see you at the top" I always ask the question "have you seen the path to get there in your minds eye?" Do you know how to get there? I personally want to know, if you know! As I have written in this article, you will know based on your feelings and emotions about what you are planning on doing. Your internal guide is, how do you feel emotionally. 

By the way if you want to know the company that I am so charged up about  click here and take a look. 

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Ida Mae Boyd, Market Hive Alpha Founder

Network Marketing’s Dirty Little Secret!

One of the network marketing dirty little secrets, that KEO Smart Home Automation solves, is why the majority of the people who join the business don't make any money.

The reason is simple and I have been screaming about this for years, but just recently it has grabbed attention through recent actions by the FTC [Federal Trade Commission].

The simple reason is that the network marketing industry is distributor centric and not customer centric. The FTC recently closed down a company called Vemma because they had more distributors than customers and were making outlandish financial claims. Financial claims are made all the time, but the main focus in my opinion is the fact that it didn't have a large customer base Vs. distributor base. It was the other way around, more distributors than customers.

When the focus is mainly on getting distributors the revenue stream is compromised.

Here is why!

Lets look at it in a much more simpler way. If you were building a business and had your hard earned money invested in it you would want to sell as much of your product as possible. Lets call your product widgets! So you want to sell widgets to as many customers as possible. You will go out and get referrals or maybe get a hand full of sales people to help you find customers. You will pay your sales people to get customers but if your sales people go out and get more sales people then your revenue stream dries up. 

The life blood of any business is customers, and with out a strong customer base the business will bankrupt it self. 

So how does this relate to network marketing?

When companies put more emphasis on getting distributors than customers they have to charge the distributors money to join the business because the business will not support the financial drain. When distributors pay to join they don't always buy the product long term. They many times get discouraged for various reasons and quit, not being able to recover their money. 

If a distributor wants to make a lot of money they must have a large customer base. As they gather their customers the customers stick around because of long term loyalty. As you gather your customers some of your long term loyal customers will want to become distributors, and then you have a loyal distributor that will be always be a customer. Some customers will want to become distributors, but not all distributors will be loyal customers.

Most network marketing companies pay less for getting customers, but you will end up making more money because the revenue stream will build over time. Customers stick around longer than distriburtors when they love the product. 

The dirty little secret is that when you work in a distributor centric company the company will do ok financially, but the distributor will never get ahead of the financial curve because they will lose the distributors as fast as they bring them in. The life span of the average distributor is probably 6 months to a year, if that long. So unless you bring in a ton of distributors you will not stay ahead of that drop off curve. 

Focusing on getting customers is much easier because they don't have to shell out a lot of money to use the product, and they have no pressure to use the product, so they use it because they want to. Since there is no pressure the customer maybe a full time customer, part time customer, or a sporadic customer, in either case there is a sale at some point. Now, I know some customers will leave or stop using the product or service, but that attrition rate is less than distributors. 

In Conclusion:

You are going to see more companies moving to a customer centric model because they find that building a strong customer base is more lucrative. Companies will move to a distributor system that cost very little or nothing to join with every one only paid when they activate customers. So even though there is a distributor involved there is no money made or very little when you hire them. Everyone gets paid on customers only.

When this happens everyone makes money, but as I said before if you are with a distributor focused company now, you can personally turn it around and focus on getting more customers than distributors. Just hope the financial strength of the company is good. 

KEO Smart Home and Business Automation has broken the mold and is running a customer centric model with huge success. 

If you want to learn more about a true customer centric network marketing model click here and request the information. 

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Ida Mae Boyd, Market Hive Alpha Founder

FTC and The New Age In Network Marketing

I recently did a Podcast on the "FTC and The New Age In Network Marketing".

There is a coming change in the Network Marketing Business Space and you should be aware of it. 

As an economist I have always wondered where network marketing went wrong. I think its the greed factor that forced the network marketing companies to focus on getting distributors instead of getting customers. No business can survive financially by having more distributors than customers and I explain this in my podcast. 

You can listen to the whole podcast by Clicking here

Dr. Raymond Jewell
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Ida Mae Boyd, Market Hive Alpha Founder

Is Your Focus On The Money Or Customers?

Is your focus on building your business on the Money or on Customers.

If your are just focused on money you will probably not build a solid business. So many times people join a network marketing company and think that they should focus on how much money they can make, when they should be focused on getting customers. Customers are the life blood of your business and without them you have no business. 

Network marketing companies tell their distributors to focus on bringing in more distributors and that will grow their business. This is so far from the truth. Having more distributors than customers is like having a business with more salespeople than customers. If you keep hiring salespeople you will soon be out of business, because you will have no lasting revenue. 

Customers are the real revenue generator, but in most network marketing companies the revenue stream from them is less than what you get paid when bringing in a new distributor. Everyone knows that the money paid by new distributors pays the upline and the company, so that's why they go after distributors instead of customers. 

When the FTC [Federal Trade Commission] looks at a network marketing company they want to see more customers than distributors otherwise they might deem it a pyramid scheme.

All companies should be customer centric instead of distributor centric. What this means is that the revenue must be driven by activating new customers, with the acquisition of getting new distributors being to expand the customer base. There are many network marketing companies that charge very little or nothing to become a distributor, but pays on each distributor getting new customers. 

JAQX Smart Home Automation is just that type of company. It's free to become a distributor, and the real money is made when a customer is activated. This is a customer centric network marketing business. When the main focus is on getting customers, and not the money, you will build a lasting business. 

Recently a company named Vemma was investigated by the FTC and was found to have 70% distributors and only 30% customers. This was out of balance and was closed. As of this writing I am not sure if they are back in business or not but the upshot of the closure should send chills throughout the network marketing industry to clean up their act and focus more on customers. 

Thanks for reading.
Dr. Raymond Jewell

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Collaboration Grows Businesses- Entrepreneurial Success

Collaboration is a key to growing any business. Getting leads is the desire of any business owner.

Any entrepreneur worth his or her salt will welcome collaboration with open arms, The key to major growth in any business or venture is collaboration. There are many examples of successful collaboration in developing new products and services, here are a few that are extremely successful.

Have you ever hear of Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia, written collaboratively by the people who use it. It is a special type of website designed to make collaboration easy, called a wiki. Many people are constantly improving Wikipedia, making thousands of changes per hour. Their goal is to make sure the information is pure and factual. Many are working as one on Wikipedia. 

Have you ever heard of CERN? 

The name CERN is derived from the acronym for the French "Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire", or European Council for Nuclear Research, a provisional body founded in 1952 with the mandate of establishing a world-class fundamental physics research organization in Europe. At that time, pure physics research concentrated on understanding the inside of the atom, hence the word "nuclear".

Today, our understanding of matter goes much deeper than the nucleus, and CERN's main area of research is particle physics – the study of the fundamental constituents of matter and the forces acting between them. Because of this, the laboratory operated by CERN is often referred to as the European Laboratory for Particle Physics.

Thousands of people around the world are collaborating together to make sure the science is pure and concise. Collaboration in the CERN model is the same with the wiki model except the collaborators are selected specifically for their skills. 

Have you ever heard of MARKETHIVE?

Markethive is a collaborative effort of entrepreneurs who are working together to assure that each entrepreneur gets their information into the hands of the public. One of the main problems that an entrepreneur has is that unless they spend huge sums of money they can't be heard. This is no longer a problem! Now through Markethive the entrepreneur can make sure that what they have to say gets heard by the right people.

Through the collaboration of many Markethive entrepreneurs, when a member wants to get their message out to others, each member pumps the information through their individual social networks reaching thousands or hundreds of thousands of people in just the click of a button. 

Years ago when the internet was in its infancy many people who had huge email networks of people would joint venture with each other, which still goes on today in the form of Solo ads, to reach massive audiences and would charge each other money or some kind of monetization to make this attractive. The playing field was not level since the lonely entrepreneur could not afford it or perhaps didn't have a large email list to share with others.

Markethive has leveled the playing field and put together a system where any member can leverage other members, and get them to push their information to other individual social networks, reaching people that they never dreamed they could reach before. Markethive has various levels of participation that enables the entrepreneur to grow as their business grows. The higher the level the more leverage the entrepreneur has and the more assets they share. 

Now, the information has to be pure before any member will push out someone else's information since each member has their own reputation to protect. Each member must want to share each others information, so a new member quickly learns what type of information the existing members will share with their personal social media. 

If Collaboration interest you just Click here and see for your self. Markethive is free to use and experience. 



Ida Mae Boyd, Market Hive Alpha Founder