Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is used for SEO purposes. Moreover, it is also an effective method to use in getting traffic to your website.

Unlike forums, blogs are easier to find. Here, you will definitely have an easier start.

The idea of commenting on bogs has received a bad image because of the push-button software programs that devalue it.

However, putting comments in blogs is still a great way to increase traffic.

Again, the purpose of blog commenting is to build trust and good relationships with your readers and potential clients. It does not mean that you just have to put as many URLS as possible in blogs so that you can get your readers’ attention.

The most important thing is that your readers perceive the value of your comments. By that, they can’t help themselves but click on the URLs you provide and check on your website.

The following are steps that are effective in blog commenting.

Find Blogs

Finding blogs is easier than finding forums. All you have to do is search through Google blogs that are related to your selected niche. The top of the results are the best blog to choose.

When you look for blogs, you also have to consider other factors aside from the fact that they have to be on top of the list.

Here are few things to consider.

Layout and Format

Find authority blogs. These blogs have professional looks when it comes to layout and format.
Number of Guest Comments

You should also look into the blogs if they have high amount of guest comments. By this, you will see if the blog is interested enough to drive readers.

Quality Comments

Do not just look into the number of comments. Focus on the quality as well. Well, spams and low quality comment are always present in blogs. However, see to it that there are many comment of high quality.

Similar blog Links

This will show that the owner of the blog is willing to provide outward links. This is a plus to you.

Post Your Comments

Basically, posting comments in blogs are the same with posting in forums. Commenting in blogs provides you options to choose from. You can add to the content of the blog. You can also ask question if you want. In fact, you can take the opposing view. The idea here is that you create interest in the blog.

Unlike forum posting, blog commenting is not conversational in nature. But with the interest you created in the comments box, you can initiate a conversational thread with the blog owner and other readers.

When you comment on blogs, make sure that your posts are relevant to the topic. Do not just write anything you want.

Instead, put everything you should. Create an impression of value to your readers. Entice them to check more about you without bragging too much about your knowledge on the topic.

Posting the first comment in a blog matters a lot. This will increase the visibility of your comment. Everybody can see it, the owner and the other readers. When you land the first comment, you have greater opportunities over others.

Create a Link

When you comment on a bog, you will be provided with a box where you can list information including your name and email address.

In some comment boxes, they allow you to type your website. That is great! You simply have to enter your website address and that’s it.

The link will then appear with your name in most cases.

Some blogs do not provide options for you to leave a link.

In My Next Blog Post, I will be going over “Know the blogs that worked”

God Bless,

Ida Mae Boyd, Market Hive Alpha Founder