Know The Blogs That Worked

As you post comments to blogs daily, you will see the steady flow of traffic in your website. By now, you should be interested in what blogs provide you with that traffic. You have commented in many blogs already and knowing which blogs worked is an important thing to do. This should not take a lot of your time.

One of the easy things to do in knowing the blogs which worked for you is to set up Google Analytics to your website. If you do not know about this, you do not have to worry as to much about it.

You can browse through instructional materials and tutorial videos in YouTube. Basically the steps are simple.

Here’s how:

1. Sign up with Google Analytics
2. Install Google Analyticator
3. Connect Google Analytics and Google Analyticator with the code provided by Google.

Google Analytics is founded in the 80/20 principle. This means that 80% of the traffic in your website comes from 20% of the blogs you commented on.

Google Analytics definitely teach you how to determine which blogs you can focus on. The results of the analysis give you the blogs that actually worked. You can then focus on those blogs for more traffic and potential selling.

Now that you already determined the blogs that worked, you have to know how to proceed with your monetizing strategies.

There are many blog owners that do not monetize their blogs. Thus, you can get close with those owners and build good relationships while introducing your products.

First, let the blog owner know that you are a great fan. Continue commenting on the blog and provide relevant opinions. When you think the timing is perfect, you can tell the owner that you have a related site and ask if the owner is willing to sell products.

This time, the owner will respond positively with your relationship founded with value and trust.

Creative Monetization Strategies

You can handle different blog owners differently. With this you can be creative in earning money while building relationships with them.

Traffic Sent

This strategy enables you to make money from the traffic of someone else. You can ask the blog owner to allow you to put advertisement banners in his or her site. The deal is that any amount of commission form the advertising will be split with you and the blog owner.

Somehow, this is the easiest way to make money while benefitting from other’s traffic.

Email List

Yes, you can make money from your email list. With the help of an autoresponder, you can help the blog owner to set up an email list for the site. You can take charge of writing emails and sending them to potential clients. Again, the commission is split with both of you.

Joint Products

This is time consuming, yet a very rewarding one. You can have a partnership with a blog owner for informational products, sell them and split the income. This will require a lot of effort and work, but when it is already established in the market, it will provide you more income.

In My Next Blog Post, I will be going over “Social Media – Facebook”

God Bless,

Ida Mae Boyd, Market Hive Alpha Founder