Registering In The Forum

Most forums enable you to register the easy and fast way around.

They will just require you to create a user ID and fill in some information. The only difficult part is the Captcha.

Before you register in a particular forum, take time to read the guidelines and rules in posting. There are other forums which prohibits the inclusion of links in the post. There are also others which require a certain amount of post for you to be able to put a link on your signature.

Now, if the forum does not allow you for backlinks, stop there and find other forums which allow you to do so. Remember, a link on your signature is an important part in forum posting.

When you register in a forum, fill in most of the information requirements as possible, especially those that are helpful to your list such as state, hobbies, ambitions, residence and others. The more personalized your profile is, the more you look approachable and friendly to your potential leads.

You can also add a picture for your profile. This picture will help you to be recognized by other posters when you post significant thoughts and ideas in the forum. If you don’t want to add your own picture, you can always resort to other images that would represent you. Just make sure that you choose the image right.

Post in the Forum

This is the most important part of forum posting. This is the key to getting more traffic in your website and products. Posting in forums is fun and easy.

However, the content of your post matters a lot. In fact, it matters to the whole world when it comes to forum posting. Your posts should have these two essential elements – quality and value.


Quality is better than quantity. Well you can post as many posts as you like daily. However, if this will compromise the quality of your posts, do not post stuff just to be posting.

Remember that in forum posting, you have to gain the trust of other posters. If your focus is distributed in many posts, your attention will be divided. This will in turn make your posts shallow and ineffective. Focus on quality rather on quantity. That is a key to effective forum posting.


The goal here is to give people the best user experience by giving them the best information for your topic. In order for your posts to be of good quality, they must create value to the people. It would be better if you write long sentences rather than short one.

Readers would not care if you said “I agree”. If you create longer posts about the topic, you will be read by many. Sparking a debate is also a good choice of posting manner.
In forum posting you should also avoid some things. Avoid hurtful conversations and posts. You will create value, not hatred from your customers. So, choose your words appropriately. Be close to them, but do not be too personal about their lives. If readers get value form your posts, they will surely follow you through.

Create your Signature

Your posts enable you to promote your products to the forum readers. By now, you have already gained their trust in your expertise and knowledge regarding your selected niche.

The last step that you will have to take is the creation of your signature.

Your signature is one important element that drives a steady flow of traffic to you and your products. A signature is the text that you place at the end part of your posts. For many, they include quotes and phrases as their signature. For you as an online marketer, you will have to include the link to your website as your signature. By this, anyone who will click the link will be directed to your website featuring the products that you provide.

There are some forums that will require you to post a certain amount of posts before you are allowed to put in your signature.

However, you just have to sacrifice few weeks to comply with the requirements. In the end, the results are great. After reaching the required amount of posts, you will experience the steady flow of traffic that you are looking for.

In My Next Blog Post, I will be talking about the Secrets to Instant Traffic

God Bless,

Ida Mae Boyd, Market Hive Alpha Founder